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Lighting Controls

Equip your home or business with the latest in lighting control systems and technology, installed professionally by the experts at MRG Electrical Ltd.. Our contractors offer a wide inventory of the latest and most efficient light control options, granting you greater control and convenience than ever!

Serving both commercial and residential properties, we specialize in all aspects of lighting installation and install lighting control solutions to suit the consumption needs of all properties. We will add tremendous energy efficiency and value to your property!

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Innovative Light Control Systems, Professionally Installed to Your Property

Home and business owners are continually upgrading their electrical systems and features to be more efficient and sustainable than ever. With the advancements in lighting technology, it is possible to maintain your consumption needs while significantly decreasing your energy needs. One of the most precise and dependable ways to measure your lighting needs is through state-of-the-art lighting control systems.

With light control, you can precisely regulate the lights in all areas of your home or business. You can opt for timed settings, dimmer installation, and other ingenious features to give you greater control over your lighting needs.

Our team can customize your home or business to offer state-of-the-art daylight harvesting, total light control, and dynamic lighting. This provides the opportunity to add tremendous value and convenience to your property.

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Extensive Selection of Light Control and Dimmer Installation Services

Our team works alongside leading manufacturers and suppliers of exceptional electrical products and systems. As a result, we can offer unbeatable low costs on a full inventory of products to improve your home or business.

We present you with your options for light control systems, recommending and advising the best ones for your needs. We then proceed with the installation, using the latest and most effective hardware and equipment to ensure dependable results.

Our commitment to safety is unmatched, and we make every effort to minimize any disruptions to life as usual. In no time, your lighting control systems will be ready for years of dependable use.

Add Efficiency and Value to Your Home or Business with New Lighting Controls

A new lighting control system will transform and enhance any property! For the latest electrical systems and products, installed carefully and with precision, the company to call is MRG Electrical Ltd..

We have the skills and resources to serve your property!

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Electrical Contractors with Years of Dependable Experience

Our contractors have been providing outstanding services for a number of years. We serve homes and businesses all over the GTA, including Toronto, Mississauga, and Etobicoke.

Our team is fully licensed and insured for an extensive range of services and provide helpful and courteous customer service. No matter your home or business’s electrical service needs, we are the company to call!

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